Once Upon A Time

This unbearable pain is like a thousand daggers piercing through my body. Hearing your thoughts that are not entirely true. Your biased judgment always leaves me hanging on a cliff. I have no one to turn to, nobody could hear my cries for help. Because I don’t want them to hear my anguish, it just makes it worse. If only I could scream to let out this hurt, I would. Days stretched to years that I have endured this pain. You haunt my dreams. The bubble that I live in already burst. Reality is calling. The man that I knew once is gone. I’m living with a stranger… an impostor. Our fairytale is taking a new turn. Charming looks at me diffferently and gave me a curse. A curse I have to live with everytime his lips speak words. Because for him, I’m a villain of the story.

words and photo by: Tracy Obong ©

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Sweet Escape

Away from it all, that’s where I’ll stay.

I will take you with me, in the meadows we will lay.

Under the evening sky alone together, you are safe in my arms

We will look in the heavens above while the stars fall

so I can wish for peace and the pain to go.

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Where To?

“Where is this leading to? Who am I? Who are you?”

Questions from a man whose sanity already slipped away a long time ago.

Confused but his eyes were blank.

Drenched in rainwater cold and shivering

Still everyone looked at him with their noses up.

“Where to? Where to?” he asked but people turned away

“Get off! Get Off!” says the other man as he looked at him with despise and mockery for no reason

The poor man gets off and lost again.

Now, who is insane?

words and photo by: Tracy Obong ©

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Under The Sheets

Dimmed lights and musky air

Eyes closed, tongues tossing

mouths open, no words escaping

Fingers trailing, hands exploring

Sheets creased and sweat on the skin

Hearts pounding.

Inside the orifice, a beam exploded.

Pace slowed down, breaths heavily drawn

Eyes opened, silence lingering with content.


Photo and words by Tracy Obong ©

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Gray clouds under the dark skies

Misty air dampen my skin

Drops of water and cold feet on the pavement

while the shade I am hoolding keeps me company

Wheels are turning, I will be with you in a moment

My arms wrapped around you

keep warm in a blanket


words and photo by Tracy Obong ©


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LOVE. What is it exactly?

Is it just a fleeting feeling or something tangible and real?

Is it something you hear like a whisper or a scream?

Will it give you strength or make you weak?

Will it make you mad or fulfill your heart’s desires?

Should one feel contentment or yearn for more?

or should one fight for it or just let go?

words and photo by: Tracy Obong ©

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You burn inside of me

to the core of my being

to the depths of my soul

You give light to the darkest part of me

by shedding light to the doubts I feel

You are the nagging truth to the reality

that once I was in the dark until Your hands saved me.


words and photo by: Tracy Obong ©

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